'Brakeless is not a crime' Patch - 0
'Brakeless is not a crime' Patch
'Brakeless is not a crime' Patch

In Berlin you can smoke ganja in the park, drink alcohol on the streets, park your car on bike lanes or speed through side streets with your BMW and probably if you get busted doing Graffiti not much is going to happen, but if you ride a bike with no brake* you get a fine and if you do that again, they confiscate your bicycle and won't return it to you... Sounds like a bad dream, but it did happen not only once in the all so relaxed city of Berlin.
Like we always say #berlinisnotinGermany but unfortunately it is...

Handmade screenprint patch 100% cotton, 200% fair
Support your local girl gang, SHE 36 in the house...
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Support riding brakeless* and get this patch from us
We put some stickers in every package and send you good vibes!


*Its considered brakeless/no brakes, but we are talking about a hub w a fixed gear cog.
You can slow down with your legs that work against the continues spinning of the wheel...
You could and can basically ride backwards... You might think this is crazy, but these bikes tend to have shorter wheelbase and are therefore easier to handle... Try it!

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