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San Rensho Chainstay protector
49 EUR
Brand new 3 Rensho chainstay protector, perfect for your old 3 Rensho but also nice to maybe give a special look to your Japanese bicycle.
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3 Rensho cyclone was founded by Yoshi Konno in 1978, his brother continued the brand Cherubim they formed together in 1973 
Makino and Koichi Yamaguchi were working at 3 Rensho as frame builders before making there own frames.
Koichi Nakano used to race on 3 Rensho but later went to Nagasawa. 
His first Sprint World Championships Title in 1977 in San Cristóbal Venezuela was won on a 3 Rensho.
3 Rensho frames are still one of the most popular and best frames on the Japanese market.

"3 RENSHO "Three consecutive victories" is the symbol of a winning rider."

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